We are a bricks & mortar operation where our Brewmaster hand-crafts every batch. Our line up currently consists of:


A testament to what possible when you place Vienna Malt in the hands of a Master Brewer. This radiant, honey-golden coloured beer is the first from our family owned brewery. A product of traditional 8Β° C cold fermentation, with nut and honey notes, play perfectly against its pleasant touch of bitterness. This beer is brewed with drink-ability in mind - a choice craft beer that pairs best with whatever little moments you throw its way. Available at the LCBO & TBS - 5% ABV 18 IBU

Click Here for LCBO availability.For Beer Store locations see below.


Bohemian Pils - Brewed in the Headwaters region of Ontario using fresh Caledon Water. The result, a locally brewed beer elevated by using a world renowned Bohemian pilsner malt to perfect a clean, crisp pale - lager. From the backyard to the patio, this craft beer pours like liquid sunshine making it a true local favourite. Available for limited time this season at the LCBO & full time at TBS. - 4.2% ABV 14 IBU

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Deadly Dark - Our Deadly Dark is defined by it's smooth, elegant and full malty flavour. Its rich, mildly - vanilla roasted aroma with a nutty - sweet palate, has a rounded finish with a hint of dark chocolate. Under the creamy head beats a strong heart of the finest Munich style barley malt boasting a majestic mahogany brown colour. Though it looks much like a British Dark ale or Porter: unlike these brews, our dark is a typical clean Bavarian style lager. Available only At the Brewery. 5.2% ABV 18 IBU

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  • We only sell Kegs from Brewery - Email for more infomation

  • LCBO ( Hills Vienna & Bohemian Pils)

  • The Beer Store @ Alliston, Bolton, Orangeville, Bramalea City Center, Georgetown, Missisauga Dixie/Dundas, Maple, Milton, Schomberg, Distillery District, Erin.

  • Local Restaurants & Pubs



Family Owned and Family Brewed.


Lots of folks are compelled to visit Caledon Hills. But we were compelled to make it our home. Well, we along with a mated pair of pileated woodpeckers that keep us company year round. Honestly, knowing we'd be neighbours with another family is part of what made the bit of land we chose for our brewery feel so special. 

That feeling is very important to us. Because beer can only be as good as the place you brew it. Which is why it’s no surprise that every batch that comes out of Caledon Hills Brewing Company is pretty damn spectacular. 

Available for onsite pick up in Kegs only. Cans Available at LCBO & Beer Store.

Available for onsite pick up in Kegs only. Cans Available at LCBO & Beer Store.

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Please contact us for brewery location in Caledon. Limited retail hours from brewery.

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We sell Kegs and Tallboys for events, parties, weddings, social gatherings, etc


From Vineyard to Craft Brewery.

What was once a Winery is now the home of family owned and operated Caledon Hills Brewing Co.

The Farm life is one of a kind where even the live stock enjoy the spent brewing grains. Don't worry, it's very nutritious and is full of wonderful protiens.

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